The path to quality is a long one. In Zini’s case this is no different. From the day Zini was established till today a lot of things have changed within our ranks. Fortunately some stayed the way they were supposed to: High quality fabrics, eye for details and aesthetics and, above all, dedication and love for what we do. Our inspiration is drawn from the most exquisite symbol of beauty: The female body. Our longing is to create delicate and staggering pieces of fashion that will be unique and will become instant classics on a woman’s body. Every inch of our collection is made from high class fabrics which are meant to highlight the magnificence of the female body and for that reason these quality fabrics are handpicked very carefully by us. Like any good craftsman who picks the best available tools and materials, choosing fine fabrics does not differ. That’s why the best possible fabrics from France, Spain and Italy are being chosen to come to Greece and be the keystones of our creation and production. Each of our custom made garment is born from our desire to create haute couture, contemporary, unconventional, hard-to-find trends, but at the same time to be a culmination of classic and perpetual. From drawing clothes to making them a living fashion piece, this is our trail, our heritage and our passion.

  • CLIENT Zini Boutique
  • YEAR 2020
  • WE DID Social Media Ads
  • PARTNERS Egg Project

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