Mantoshoes is active in the retail of footwear, leather goods and accessories.
He searches for his roots in 1937 when the first retail store with the brand Alekos Mantos was inaugurated after a small craft industry. This brand has evolved into a fashionable, quality and excellent service, and Mantoshoes is born.
Over the course of more than 80 years since the establishment of the first store to date, the development has been rapid. From a small shoe store today, with 5 retail outlets and many cooperating companies in Greece and abroad, it is now a well known company in the footwear sector in Greece. In the effort to more effectively meet the needs of the ever-increasing clientele, the company is constantly expanding with the creation of new modern stores and continuously enriches its portfolio with new, more economical ranges of women’s and men’s products, double the well-known and big brands it keeps.
In 2017, Mantoshoes, as part of its development plan, has launched another innovation, launching Mantoshoes Online, one of the most reliable multi-brand online shoe stores in Greece, with consistently attractive offers, free shipping and a refund policy!

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