You could call it a blog. You could also call it an informative website. Even better, you could call it a mirror. This space is here for you to reflect your thoughts, questions, dreams, activities, goals, passions – you name it.

Sharing is caring. Sharing is motivating. Sharing is fun. This is where I share with you my favorite ways to feel grounded, healthy, happy and most importantly… positive! Nobody is perfect. At least let’s find a way to live an awesome life! I haven’t found the silver lining, and that’s what, at the end of the day, truly motivates me. I am not the health guru you’re used to. I’m not devoted to juicing, raw or vegan diets. I do eat meat, I do occasionally drink alcohol and I can easily vanish a jar of Nutella on my own. And, yes, there are times I choose my comfy bed over a killer work out class. But I am the one and only captain of my life. And so are you.

I am Malou, a wellness coach with a marketing background, but most importantly, a life long student of everything this amazing life brings my way. My home is in Greece but I have lived and worked in the US and the UK, and I am a constant traveler! My mission is to help people understand how awesome they really are, even if they don’t know it yet. My very own “aha!” moment came with a realization to create a better world by spreading a notion of self-care and self-love to people around me.

Come on, let’s do this! Dive into my world and take this blog as your daily reminder of what you truly are – Awesome.

  • CLIENT Malou Larsinou
  • YEAR 2018
  • WE DID Social Media Strategy, Social Media Posts, Social Media Ads, Community Building








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