It all started in Thessaloniki in 1991 with a unique enthusiasm, with the love and affection of the collector.

The masterpieces of the Fessa Carpets collections are tied to the warps and wefts of harmony!
Entering the spaces with the handmade carpets, Fessa Carpets, you are impressed by the zen atmosphere that prevails. The space reflects the love for elegance and high taste. Collections of handmade rugs, woven embroidery and special art objects compose a multicultural puzzle, where each piece blends harmoniously with the rest.

We choose from all parts of the East the wonderful carpets of our Fessa Carpets Collections. All these years, since 1991, we work with you and decorate your spaces in an exceptional way! Colors, designs, homelands and peoples coexist in our unique masterpieces.

  • CLIENT Fessa Carpets
  • YEAR 2021
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