Elegant Handmade is located in Athens, Greece where everything is processed and ship from. Elegant Handmade is a brand that is dedicated to making stylish and classic jewelry without compromising either design or quality. Our brand was built with care, and a culture of quality jewelry through relentless determination based on the love for style and the belief in building a unique brand.

The focus of the Elegant Handmade Jewelry collection is a delicately modern style created with quality and precision.
Each piece in Elegant Handmade is crafted with finest raw materials using 925 sterling silver, brass, semi precious stones and gemstones in the jewelries are carefully sourced and chosen not only for their beauty but for their low impact on the environment.

Our goal is to create timeless pieces the can be worn with confidence. We move the passion for design and believe in the value of small thing.

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  • YEAR 2019
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