Dimitris Alexandrou was born in Athens May 13 is a former bodybuilding champion but with the character of “300” he managed to distinguish himself early in Greek fashion because he has something else: a communicative gift that “comes out” effortlessly, but also a photojournalism that he writes “Uniquely. Demonstrating her last appearance in the New Top Model – I knew what I called – that deconstructed the contestants, led one of them to a voluntary departure from the embarrassment, created expressions and exclamations of admiration not only to the viewers but also to a whole workshop that overlooking one Hellenes Adonis, with such a sexist cooperative spirit of cooperation and not at all, has shaken. At this moment, the video from the episode has surpassed 45,000 views and has ranked him in the summer dreams of many women of all ages.
In the spirit of the times, perhaps if we sent Alexander together with the diplomatic mission to disburse the loan, the dynamic “leeches” were more lenient in front of the view of a confessedly classic Greek god. In a three-month stay in Milan last year for the sake of his former career in modeling, a smart Italian producer understood his parallel talent and made him a TV test. In less than two days, Dimitris was found to be in Italian – written with Latin characters on the scroll – on the Rai 3 channel on Kilimanjaro. He has already collaborated with many Greek magazines – Vogue, Nitro, Life & Style, Vmen – but recently invited him for a test presentation and a well-known big-channel production company. A new glamorous TV face is born as we will positively engage ourselves in the near future. In addition to natural beauty, she has a sharp mind and polite ways, which on television translates into faithful viewers and timeless collaborations, of constructive duration.


  • CLIENT Dimitris Alexandrou
  • YEAR 2018
  • WE DID Social Media Ads, Social Contests, Collaborations








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