The project “Digital School II: Expansion and Utilization of Digital Educational Platform, Interactive Books and Repository of Learning Objects” of NSRF 2014-2020 (Code 5001312) is a continuation, extension, upgrading and enriching the results of the project “Digital School I : Digital Educational Platform, Interactive Books and Repository of Learning Objects “of the NSRF 2007-2013 (P61-ITTY, MSc Code 296441, ), which was the central task of the Ministry of Education in the period 2010-15 on the Action axis the “Digital School” for the Digital Educational Content and implemented by the CTI “DIOFANTOS”.

Within the framework of the Digital School I (P61-ITYE) four central web services of the Ministry of Education were designed, developed and operated for the digital educational content of Primary and Secondary Education, available through the main page :

  • the “Interactive School Books» ), the official website of the Ministry of Education for placing teachers and students of the digital form of textbooks,
  • the Digital Repositories “Fotodentro” , a series of Open Educational Resources repositories, each of which serves different purposes (learning objects repositories, educational videos, educational software, educational material users, open educational practices)
  • the National Academic Content Accumulator for Primary and Secondary Education “Fotodentro” ( ) , which acts as the central point of the Open Learning Resources for School Education, gathering and consolidating content from external sources, as well as its subset ” Photodent Culture “, a thematic accumulator of cultural educational resources for Primary and Secondary Education.
  • the e-me Digital Learning Platform for Students and Teachers ( ) , a modern, social, scalable platform that supports communication and collaboration and provides personal space for files in a cloud environment.
  • CLIENT Computer Technology Institute and Press
  • YEAR 2018
  • WE DID Social Media Posts, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Digital PR



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