Bestpharmacy has been operating in the pharmaceutical, health-care & beauty sector since 1971. We have been providing pharmaceutical care, health counseling, pharmaceutical, health and beauty products through our Pharmacy Store located at 45 Evans Street, Heraklion, Crete.

Our Pharmacy Store was founded in 1971 and has already 40 years of history providing responsible health-care services to the local community of Heraklion. In the period 1971-2006, the Pharmacy operated exclusively under the management of the pharmacist George Liodakis.

The company “Liodaki Pharmacies & Partners Co.” was founded in 2006, with the participation of the pharmacist Stavroti Liodaki as a co-founder and the co-location of two pharmacies. Since 2010, the management has passed exclusively to Stavroti Liodaki and the company has been renamed as “St. Liodaki Pharmacy & Partners Co.».

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