Yiannis Elenidis had an idea that was going to change things to taste. By distributing milk until then and making rice-milk and cream that won the love of the world, he went a step further: He began, in 1956, to make pastry cakes filled with cream of his own inspiration. The sheet was handmade, the materials selected, the recipe unique, and Yannis Elenidis added his passion to create the most-loved triangle and gained a fame that soon traveled throughout Greece.

It was the sweet that came to stay in history as a triangle of Elenides, thanks to its creator and later to become known as the Panorama triangle by taking the name of the area. These triangles, of the same quality and made with the same recipe and always with pure and selected ingredients, you will find them even today in the shops where Vangelis and Kostas, children of Yiannis Elenidis, continue their family tradition keeping sealed the secret that makes the triangles in the box marked ‘El’ stand out.

The triangles, like all Helenides products, are handmade.

  • CLIENT Trigona Elenidis
  • YEAR 2020
  • WE DID Social Media Management, Social Media Ads

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